In 2012 I began my journey as a tattoo artist and over the years I have found I most enjoy tattooing and have centralized my style around designs that are bright, colorful, and cartoony. This includes, but is not limited to: Anime/Manga, Watercolor, Pen Sketch, Galaxy, and Iridescent types of work.

No Face
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Pikachu
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Headwig
Spider Gwen
Spiderman: Miles Morales
Watercolor Pen Sketch Stitch
Watercolor Pen Sketch Stitch
Bob Ross Landscape
Watercolor Pen Sketch Lotus
Pokemon Alolan Ninetails
Pokemon Ninetatails
Watercolor Pen Sketch Hearts
Watercolor Pen Sketch Silhouette
Dragon Ball Z
Colored Pen Sketch: Kurama of You You Hakusho
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Freya of Final Fantasy
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Pokemon Starter Trio
Bulbasour Evolutions
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Gengar
Iridescent: Umbreon
Birds and Flowers
Futaba of Persona
Toga of My Hero Academia
Watercolor Mountains
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Winnie the Pooh
Cat Caricatures
Hedgehog Caricature
Galaxy Pizza
Galaxy Lighthouse
Watercolor Pen Sketch: Venom Meets Jack Skellington
Krabby Patty
Spongebob Pineapple
Rochester Flower
Butterfly Splash Art
Watercolor Pen Sketch Rhino Beatle
Baby Princess Peach
Lotus and Mandala
Sanrio My Melody
Fin Sword Wrap
Watercolor Butterfly
Field of Poppies
Tattoo Machine
Pokemon Friday the 13th
Joker: Killing Joke
Chibi Sailor Moon
Humming Bird
Deluxe and Bakugou
Space Hand
Classic Pikachu
Naruto Manga Pannel
Space Cats
Space Panda
Nurse Joy
Princess Mononoke
Watercolor Zelda
Sailor moon Galaxy Sleeve
Mother Daughter Patch
Rainbow Jellyfish
Watercolor Humingbird