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During the Pandemic of 2020 I was given more time at home than I knew what to do with. In this time I took it upon myself to try to grow and expand my artistic abilities into mediums other than digital art at tattooing. It was in this time I found the most inspiration from the artist, Amador Molina (Vanimesole). I found the medium he pioneered of Copic marker on canvas shoes to be exciting and fulfilling to work with and have decided I would like to grow this new found skill more, working on it past the pandemic as a side hobby.

Shoes: Services
Ancient Magus Bride: Left
Ancient Magus Bride: Middle
Ancient Magus Bride: Right
Piffi Shadow Monster: Left
Piffi Shadow Monster: Middle
Piffi Shadow Monster: Right
Dragonite and Garchomp: Left
Dragonite and Garchomp: Middle
Dragonite and Garchomp: Right
Piffi Blind Lace Twins: Left
Piffi Blind Lace Twins: Middle
Piffi Blind Lace Twins: Right
Lunastia Back
Lunastia Front
Lunastia Side
Piffi SM Back
Piffi SM Front
Piffi SM Side
Kaguya Sama: Love is war: Left
Kaguya Sama: Love is war: Right
Halloween Pokemon
Collection of Ocs: Left
Collection of Ocs: Middle
Collection of Ocs: Right
Corrupt Plushie Charmers: L1
Corrupt Plushie Charmers: Back
Corrupt Plushie Charmers: R1
Corrupt Plushie Charmers: R2
Corrupt Plushie Charmers: Front
Corrupt Plushie Charmers: L2
Shoes: Portfolio
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