Commissions: Temporarily Closed

On this page you will find how to commission illustrations, both personal and commercial, as well as shoes. When commissioning these please be sure to carefully read through the descriptions and fill out the correct forms. If you have any questions about commissioning feel free to email me at


Shoe Commissions

Prices will vary from piece to piece. Some pieces will need more supplies than others and that will cause the price to vary. On average a pair of custom Vans Slip-Ons will cost roughly $300-$400 usd per pair. This doesn't not include the shipping that you will be expected to pay as well which I can calculate for you in our conversation about the commission.

If you need a payment plan I can take up to a 4 week plan with a minimum of $60 to buy the shoes but I will NOT start working on the shoe until it has been paid off.

After reading all this, if you wish to commission a pair please fill out the form below.

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Comercial Illustrations

When commissioning a commercial illustration you will receive the artwork un-watermarked and the rights to use and monetize the design as you please.

Commercial Illustrations are far more in depth process than a personal illustration and require a more direct conversation to set up as well as figure out pricing. At minimum logos start off at $200 and everything else is priced by the piece. If you wish to discuss a commission please fill out the form below including a description of what you are looking for and your availability so we may set up a time to discuss the design either in person or over the phone.

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Personal Illustrations

Commissioners of these illustrations will receive a lightly watermarked image that is not for monetary use or gain and is purely for the personal enjoyment of the commissioner. Currently these designs are only available for character and creature/pet based artwork. Right now I am only one humanoid character per page but you may ad pets or even have a page that all pets. All commissions come with a minimal type of background unless requested otherwise.

Pricing for these commissions varies depending on the size, content (what/how many characters), and medium you want for the piece. Pet based pages and designs are usually the lower end of the pricing spectrum where as humanoid designs are the higher end. When it comes to the size of the piece busts are the cheapest and full body is the most expensive. Down below is a size guide reference, and examples of the different mediums the piece can be done in. The over all ball  park ranges for both pet/humanoid, bust through full body in each style are as follows:
Mixed Media:$20-100 | Colored Copic: $20-$100 | Black & Gray: $15-$80 | Rainbow Colored Pencil: $60-$120 | Tattoo Bust: $60-$120 |Digital Pet Page:$15-$60 | Line Art: $15-$60| All prices are in USD
If the design is overly detailed the commission can be more expensive than the ball park but I will let you know this ahead of time in the email.

Sizing Guide
Mixed Media Commission: Reflection
Colored Copic Commission: Sugar
Black&Gray Pet Page Commission: Coffee Pets
Rainbow Colored Pencil Commission: Pokefamily
Digital Tattoo Bust Commission: Sherezade
Digital Pet Page: Mitsy and Fitsy
Line Art Commission: Evangeline

Personal Illustration Commission Form

Please fully fill out this form for to request a personal commission.

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